Bevel edge on a 'hollow' cylinder object, bushing sleeve


I’m trying to make a thin and rounded edge as shown in the image below.

I followed the guides posted here in a thread on this forum, and this YouTube Video.

Both attempts only resulted in partial success on my end.

This is my skp file: 018_bevel edge.skp (1.5 MB)



Search the “Dave Method” on here. but you’ll be fine because it looks like Box is replying.


You’ve got some errors in your cylinder that I can’t explain, strange short edge and it fractures if you intersect it. So remove it and start from the inner ring at the bottom.
Draw the profile you want, in this case 10mm, 150mm and a radius to suit, then follow me with the inner circle.

I’ve pointed out the dave method several times.


Thank you for the guide.

I attempted a similar method on the previous side, and unfortunately there were 24 extra lines, that would need to be deleted individually.

I tried isolating the face, by press ‘M’, then ctrl+c, and unfortunately I can only select the inner circle with the ability of one click; the outer circle won’t allow me to select it in 1 click.


Why didn’t you add it to the profile with the first arc before you did the follow me?

You need to use circles that are still circles if you want to select them with one click. Once you have used follow me on them they become exploded.

If you plan to make multiple follow mes around a specific point, place a circle at the center that doesn’t touch any of the profiles and you can use it many times.
as you see below, one circle, still a circle after four follow mes.