Creating angled box joint

Hi, I’m trying to make a box joint at a 45 degree angle. As you can see in this screenshot I have managed to model some of the teeth but I am having trouble with that last one.

I may have managed to draw a triangle inside the model but I cannot push it since it is obscured by the outer faces. What am I missing? Can this be done?

Without seeing the model:

Select the line on the top surface of the portion you want to angle.

Select the Move tool (M for shortcut)

Press left or right arrow key to lock the movement into the proper axis

Click the line at the top surface of the proper joint.

Press spacebar

If it doesn’t work - press ‘K’ to see ‘back edges’ - you may need to delete unseen or extra geometry and then try the above steps.


Thank you. That did the trick.

Does this help?

Great! Can you check my post as the solution? Speeds up searching for others and also marks this as solved so people don’t meet to read through…

Mike’s suggestion is spot on. I would suggest trying to think through the modeling a little more completely before starting it. Here I’ve made a square box joint and converted it to angled in one step.


There seems to be many good ways to skin this cat. Thanks to all of you.

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