Creating a sphere with random tunnels inside

Can someone help me know how to make a sphere that is randomly emptied from the inside?the tunnels connect different surface points.
thanks a lot

We really need some sort of image to understand your request.

Do you mean something like this?

I drew this using a sphere intersected by three cylinders, then used the plugin Trim and Keep to subtract the cylinders from the sphere.

However, if you are just using the Web version, you do it in the same basic way, but draw the sphere and cylinder with the basic tools, then use Subtract or Intersect.

However, I can’t see how to use even Intersect Faces in the Web version without upgrading - unlike Sketchup Make, it seems to be included in the Solid Tools, which are Pro features (in the desktop version) or only included in the Shop version of the web program.

Maybe someone more familiar than I am with SU Free can confirm this? Or describe how to do the intersection in the Free version rather than SU Shop?

Right click, intersect faces with…

Thanks, @Box.

One-cylinder version done in SU Free, with Box’s help.

It can be done but tediously

not to sure about the “randomly” part