Creating a pattern for insulation?



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Is it possible to create a pattern like the one shown below in yellow? Or is there a simple way to draw this pattern in?

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If this is for 2D representation (like your top view here) your best bet would be using an image as texture. Apply a seamless texture to the area between inner and outher wall (no air gab between walls?)
You could create your own geometry in SketchUp, to represent the seamless insulation > export is as 2D image > apply it to your model. Or create the texture in some other image editing program.


(no air gab between walls?)

No they are insulated with rockwool… It’s cold in Denmark! :wink:

So there is no smart way to do it using the offset tool or a plugin like I’ve seen in Autocad?

If I use an image as a texture I am guessing the pattern won’t rotate as you go around 90 degree corners?


You can rotate the texture to suit. Apply the material to the face then draw in diagonal lines at the corners to divide the insulation into separate faces. Right click on the face where the texture needs to be rotated, choose Texture>Position. Right click on it again and choose Rotate>90°.

Once you have the material rotated on one face, you can sample it and apply it to the other faces as needed.

A texture will make more sense for this than trying to draw it as geometry.


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See also: and


I’ve made one slope of the insulation as a (vector) component sothat scaling/rotating and (copy)moving (STRG) resp. multiple copies (linear array) should lead to the desired result.

Insulation.skp (26.1 KB)


Thanks… No I just need to workout how to use it! :smile:


I made a similar one but as a dynamic component: use the Component options dialog to set the thickness, and the scale tool to change the length - the arraying should take care of itself.


insul2.skp (31.1 KB)

Edit: sorry, the attachment was damaged - it should work now


Thanks Anssi! I am getting a message saying:

The file was created in a newer version of SketchUp.

You have version 15.3.329.
You need version 16.0.17658.

Please visit to get the latest version.

I have just downloaded the free trial so it is the latest version???


Sorry, damaged attachment. Should be fixed now.



Thanks once again… Sorry to ask but I am very NEW to sketchup… How would I actually use this in the application?

What are the steps?

I hope you don’t mind me asking! :confused:


Here is a skp file that I use as a component to show insulation within 2x4 wood stud frame walls. It is useful to be able to indicate insulation in plan, section and in perspective.
Insulation3DPlan_Sec.skp (68.2 KB)

  • import the file into your SketchUp document (opening it will destroy the dynamic properties)
  • Open the Dynamic Components dialog and set the properties for length and width of the symbol
  • you can also use the Scale tool to stretch the component lengthwise, and the insulation symbol will fill the shape.