Creating a new template causes User Account Control Dialogue box popup


I just tried to create a new template in sketchup & got a User control dialogue box popup asking me if I “want to let the following program make changes to my computer”. It is Windows command Processor. I’m not sure if I have seen this popup before & didn’t click ok. If you say no the template isn’t created. I’m not sure if it is a valid Microsoft program or virus. I googled this & there seems to be a virus tht does something similar. However the actual Windows command Processor is actually a part of standard windows OS & the popup says it has a valid microsoft signature. The details box shows the cmd.exe file in windows system 32 is requesting to be moved to two new locations one in my user appdata local temp folder & another to my program files sketchup resources templates folder. I checked out videos of people saving templates & they don’t seem to have this popup issue. I’m worried if I say yes that I will get an infection. I have trend micro on my system but am still reluctant to take the plunge before I find out is this usual behaviour… Only thing I have done recently is upload a free Sketcup app called Condoc tools that was featured a couple of newsletters ago. So the question… is this usual behavior & am I just fretting about nothing or is there something malicious lurking in the background of my computers Sketchup files?


I believe this is simply a Permissions issue and not a virus.
I’m guessing you didn’t install sketchup us the ‘as admin’ option,therefore your template folder has restricted permissions.
You shouldn’t cause any problems by clicking OK.


Thanks. I’ll click & see what happens…'Cos I’m cautious I just might finish the job I’m doing first & make a backup before the click…


Point to the SketchUp icon, right-click, choose Properties from popup menu, then:

You can do the same for the links within the StartMenu.

Basically, SketchUp still saves user templates into the Program folder hierarchy, which requires Administrator level privileges.

There are Feature Requests logged to honor a template folder in the User’s Documents and/or AppData paths, but they have not been implemented yet.