Security Alert popup appears when opening a template


Some of our users are reporting that when they open a template in Sketchup they get the following security alert:


You can click yes but the popup keeps coming back when opening the software.

Has anyone seen this before?

Are you using SketchUp 2015, as indicated? Prior 2017 versions of SketchUp used the shipped browser of the OS (Safari for Mac, Internet Explorer for WIndows)
This is a (security) warning that the visited site does not have the proper certificate.
They are the last signs of a dying species/software

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SketchUp added the Chromium browser engine in SU 2017, but I think it kept using the system browser engine for a few dialogs even after that, as it is a bit of work to switch over to the new technology. To me this dialog looks a lot like it’s coming from Internet Explorer (based on its ugliness).

I can’t say what is causing it though, but it could be the splash screen which shows some web content from SketchUp’s website. Choosing not to show it on start would in that case eliminate this warning.

click this link to article on this issue…