Creating a hole with a rounded bottom


I am learning (or trying to), and I need some help. After looking around, I cannot seem to find what I want to do. OK, here goes… I want to create a hole that has a rounded bottom: a marble will sit in this hole on a game board. The specifics are: the marble is 9/16" (14.3 mm), and the hole diameter is 7/16" (11.1125 mm); the hole should follow the curve of the marble.

I haven’t a clue on how to even look for this task.

I appreciate your help.



Create a solid object reflecting the shape of your hole and the use boolean to subtract it from the another solid

Here is one method. I have used m rather than mm as faces that small will fail to form, but can exist. You can scale to size after you’ve finished or export directly depending on what you need to do.


Thank you for the step-by-step instructions. I am going to try these steps as soon as I can. By the way, here is a screen shot of a part of my project.

Game board screen shot


Thank you for your suggestion; I am not sure I understand it. This is my first project in Sketchup. I am more of a 2D AutoCAD guy. Plus, I’m an old dog trying to learn some new tricks.


What @gsharp is talking about is using the Solid Tools to Subtract your marbles from the base.
So once you have worked out the depth you can position your marbles and extract the dents.
Subtract marbles

thx Box, your gifs are a great help

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Oh, OK. The graphic helps a lot!



I agree; they are great. I appreciate the two of you helping me with this. I have seen how to make a sphere (haven’t tried it yet), so I will do that later this evening.

Right now, I am working on homework. It is time to finally finish my degree that I have put off for 30 years!

Old dog learning new tricks.