How can I have an hole in a curved object

Good evening all,

I am building a box and thanks to the help of some of you

I now need to thing about how to fix the bottom part with the top part. I need to use 4 screws.
Then at the bottom part, I need to have 4 holes where the screws will go through.

The problem I have, the place where I would like to have the hole, thiose parts are curved

In a flat face, I can make an hole, but how can I do that when the face is curved?

In the last attached pictures, I would like to have the hole, between the 6mm cylinder and on the corner of the vertical face, which is, curved

Many thanks for your advised and have a good evening

Draw a cylinder of the right outside diameter, and taller than your box.

Place it where you want the hole.

Then either:

  1. Make it into a component and use Solid Tools to Subtract it from the box component (using the native solid tools in Pro that will convert the components into groups). Or use a Solid Tools plug-in like Eneroth Solid tools or BoolTools, which preserve components.

2. Copy your cylinder to the clipboard, open the case component for editing, and paste the cylinder inside it. Then Select the case geometry and the cylinder surface, and use R-click/Intersect Faces/with context. Then clean up the ends of the cylinder to leave a hole.

Repeat for other corners, and any other parts of the case that need the same size hole.

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