Creating a diagonal solid piece

Hey! Ok so I have a problem. Doing a deck in Sketchup Web.
And I want to make a diagonal piece like in this picture. I drew some lines showing how I want it… but I want a solid piece there. The lines there didn’t create a solid piece. How do I do this the easiest way?


Are the rest of the walls inside a group? If they are, delete the not filled in edges you have, go into the group, and redraw the edges.

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You can try this with the rotated rectangle tool. If that doesn’t work the other parts may be off axis.
Corner joist

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If it’s just to look about right, here’s another way:

Mitre deck

Of course, this makes the thickness of the corner piece different, which it probably wouldn’t be in reality. Also, if you are really doing the job properly, the ends of both the corner pieces and parts joined would be chamfered off to create a true mitre.

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Wow thank you all for the answer! Much easier when I see how you’re doing it. Thanks!

Oh I’m no carpenter so thanks for the tips :slight_smile:

Others beat me to it, but click on the scenes tabs of this SU file for ideas.

Deck frame with angle cuts.skp (99.9 KB)

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Ah thank a lot! I saved that one :slight_smile:

Anoter method in this SU file.

Deck frame with angle cuts 2.skp (100.4 KB)

I don’t think anyone has mentioned the follow me tool.
GIF 23-01-2022 1-46-25 PM


Thankyou for all help!