Creating a decal to be placed on a cylinder


I am creating a model of a clarinet that was made in France in 1945. It has a very pretty engraved gold logo on each section that I would like to place on the model. I have made a jpeg of the logo, but I don’t know how to place it on the cylinder or tapered bell of the model. As an image it doesn’t wrap, and as a texture it repeats.

Thanks for your help.



It’s always hard to write about an image without seeing it :wink:
You can transfer the shape of the image to the cylinder so that the texture isn’t repeating anymore.


Maybe along the lines of this?

I found a clarinet model in the Warehouse. It has a label on it that was apparently drawn on. Probably the author traced the label. I found a graphic of the label in a Google search and used it to create a material with gold letters on a black background.

To prevent the material from repeating across the bell, I first projected a rectangle the same size as the label onto the bell. This divided the surface into two regions. Then the material is applied to the inner region.


Pretty slick. I’ll give it a try.

Thank you.