Create Duplicate or floor plan skp

I am new to sketchup and currently working on sketchup web.
I created a model of the first floor of my house and want to duplicate it so that i can work through a remodel, while still having the original to compare it to. I would love to be able to copy the entire model and modify the copy rather than having to recreate it. It seems like it should be pretty simple, but i cant figure it out. Thanks!

Yes. You can do that. First select your entire first floor and create a group. Then make a copy of the group. You could do that with Move/Copy and put the copy to one side so you can work on one and compare to the other. When you make the changes, open the copy of the group for editing first.

Thanks for the quick response. I thought about copying eveything and working on them side by side, but whether it is my computer or the size of the file (50MB) it runs really slow. I was hoping to create an entirely new skp file to work from. Maybe i could select all in one file, copy and paste into another… maybe?

Oh. Well, just use Save as to create a second file with a new name. No need to copy anything.

BTW, you might want to see about purging unused stuff from your file. Go to the Components panel and click on the Purge button. Then do it for Materials and Styles.

Thanks. Had to poke around for the “save as” but found it. Thanks for the help!

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If all you have is a simple 2D plan, something must be bloating the file. It shouldn’t be anything like 50Mb. Have you imported a lot of components?