Create a Mesh Pattern & Lightweight Your 3D Print Using SketchUp?

I come across this and was wondering if the same thing can be done using SU.


According to MeshMixer manual:

They support STL and OBJ import (among others.)

The manual says OBJ is preferred (which SketchUp Pro has an exporter for.)
If you have SketchUp Make, you’ll need the STL import / export extension.

So the workflow would be:
SU Make > STL file > MeshMixer
SU Pro > OBJ file > MeshMixer

Yeah, I understand that and have already been playing around with MeshMixer with models I created with SU.
Let me try again. Can I do what meshmixer does all within SU? Maybe with a extension or plugin?

It would need to be an extension, as it’s it not a native feature.

Not really sure what the search term would be. Only 2 hits with “lightweighting”:

Tig has his ‘honeycomber’ one on SCF…

if that’s what you mean…


Similar idea.