Create a custom measuring unit

Hi! I just sent a request directly to Sketchup and maybe there is someone in the community that is able to help out. I am hoping to find a way to create a new measuring unit, a different inch from the imperial one. So the inch in my country is 2,614 cm and the imperial inch is 2,54 cm i believe.
I want to be able to work in my own inch, and for the values to correspond to the correct metric values.

Looking forward to reading your suggestions.

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Unfortunately it is not possible so add new len gth units to SketchUp. Where are you from? To my knowledge, the only non-metric countries are Liberia, Myanmar and the U.S.A. that use the 25.4 mm inch.

That sounds like a Norwegian inch… or Tomme

Stopped being used in the 1970s apparently - after almost 100 years of Metric being the standard

Norwegian units of measurement - Wikipedia

Tomme in Danish also until 1907


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I’m aware that it is not possible to do, that’s why I am contacting Sketchup and you guys to hopefully find a way to go about implementing this feature. It doesn’t seem to be a very difficult task for the program to be able to do, but I’m not a techspert.

My request is, correctly affirmed by Elmtec-Adam, from Norway. The inch is still widely in use in timberframing and log house building. Also in architecture, let’s say one wants to model an older building, one might come across the inch.

You could try modelling in Imperial/US Customary units, AS IF they were Tomme.

Make your finished model into a single component.

Make a copy of that component or save it into a separate file.

Then scale the copy up by 2.614/2.54 = 1.029134.

If you need to edit the model, work on the original drawn in Imperial inches. The copied component will be in “Tomme”. You can change the model units to metric to build the structure to the actual size.

My thoughts too. You can set a custom scale for Layout print out, so you can get scaled printout like a full scale template or a properly scaled drawing to work.

Expanding on this, I think the dimension tool in LO needs the capability to allow for alternate units (similar to AutoCAD). As an example, when we do masonry projects we typically have dimensions which show the actual dimension with an alternate unit which shows the number of masonry units (see below):

So extrapolating from this the OP could conceivably model in metric (or Tomme or cubits, etc.) and have metric and/or Tomme (or whatever) dimensions in LO.

If you want AutoCad functionality, the easiest way would be to get AutoCad. If I remember right, it has literally hundreds of system parameters relating to dimensioning and dimension styles, and to rectreate that in SketchUp would create confusion, unnecessary complexity for a new feature meaningful only to an infinitesimally small group of users.

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Well that’s a dismissive statement and not helpful for the topic. I have and use AutoCAD but am trying to do all my work in SU/LO. I’m certain that there are features/functions within SU/LO that most users rarely or never use but that doesn’t mean it’s useless. I’m sorry Anssi if I touched a nerve by referring to “AutoCAD” because you never got past that word to consider the implications of my suggestion.

It’s not uncommon here in southwest US where we do projects in Central and South America where we use both metric and imperial dimensions in the same drawings. I am only suggesting additional functionality for the dimension feature which has also been suggested in other topics. Such a dimension function could also be useful where modular units (masonry, cabinetwork, seating layout, etc.) which need that extra feature or information.

That’s a feature that has been requested. Hopefully one day it will happen. A week or two back I showed a reasonbly simple way to achieve it in LayOut now after someone posted the request. And there’s TIG’s Dual Dimensions plugin for SketchUp if you would do the dimensioning there.

Yes, I did see your post on how to achieve it in LO but I’m hopeful that it becomes a native feature and not a work-around. I wasn’t aware of TIG’s Dual Dimensions plugin (intriguing but may not be of use for my workflow since all my dimensions are in LO) – though maybe that’s the solution for @jonkalvik needs…

Mine are all done in LO, too.

I doubt it since it doesn’t allow for custom units. Makes me wonder if an extension could be written, maybe starting from @TIG 's Dual Dimensions to add custom units at least for display purposes.

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Hi! Can you link to the post where you showed this in LayOut? Thank you

Here you go.

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I am unable to add anything further to the dual dimensioning comments but FWIW here is a DC which you could use for modelling within SU. It is based on the ‘Tomme’ given as 2.614 cm in the original post. The divisions are ‘Linje’, ‘Tomme’ & ‘Fot’.
The DC can be placed on any plane and then scaled to give as many ‘Fot’ as needed. Timber components can then be built and placed using the ‘Tomme’ system. The DC has an option to specify a different measurement for the ‘Fot’ as there seems to be a few different numbers on the web. Output in the SU measurement box will still be in metric or imperial as desired.

Fot.skp (781.7 KB)