Create a Continuous Fence Boundary Line

I’m using the current Smartdraw version and am working on a Mac.
I would like to create a continuous fence boundary line for a landscape plan.
The library offers a fence segment, but am unable to draw out to create an entire fence.
Would prefer not to have to create 100s of the segments and manually link them together.
Is there way to set this tp continuously repeat the symbol?

hello, this is a sketchup forum !

Try Profile Builder 3, has a FREE trial period, then there is a charge. It will do exactly what you want. It also has video tutorials available so you can see before downloading its potential.

Thanks RLGL!

Yep…I’m abandoning Smartdraw!

oh I see, it wasn’t clear in your post. My bad then :slight_smile:

Building a boundary fence?
Why don’t you ask Don T for help…:wink:

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