Create a basic rectangle with

Why is it close to impossible to create a rectangle in SketchUp?
I want to create a rectangle and type in the inches for each side
an hour later I cant figure out how to do this simple thing.

It isn’t impossible to create a rectangle of the desired size in SketchUp.

This isn’t like some CAD programs, though, where you start by drawing a random rectangle and then have to click on the sides and type the dimensions. You type the dimensions as you are drawing it. Left click and release at the point you want the first corner of the rectangle to be. Move the mouse in the general direction you want the opposite corner to be. Let go of the mouse and type the exact dimensions separated by a comma if you use a period as the decimal separator. Use a semicolon if you use a comma as the decimal separator. Look at the Measurements window to see which one is used. The same applies for when you make it 3D with the Push/Pull tool or when you move something. And don’t click in the Measurements window. There’s never any need for that.