Create 2D projection from 3D object

I would like to create a 2D projection of varying objects in Sketchup. I am aware of the section cut but due to the shape of the objects it would make it time consuming to use this native function. Are there any plugins that can do this?
Below is an example of a 3D model of a table and chairs that I would like to create a 2D projection / drawing of. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Many thanks

Perhaps the easiest way would be to export a 2D DXF file from the plan view of the table and chairs. Then import that into SketchUp.


Or DWG (for smaller file size)
You might also try drawing a face some distance under the model and using the Drape tool (haven’t tried myself).

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I haven’t tried…but maybe:

Curic Make2D


or Tig CADup

You could try Eneroth Flatten to Plane plug-in. Select it all, make a component with blue pointing up. Edit the component and explode everything. Select everything, run the plug-in.

It may or may not work to get the look you want, but it might get you close.

You could also export as 2d DWG then reimport.