Crashing all the time

You have inspired me to have another go at Layout.

Great support - thanks

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Hi All,
I had the same problem when working with Monterrey. I opened a subject “Sketchup Pro 2020 updates for Mac Monterrey” with this topic including bug splats sent several times and no solution was found as yet.
In my case running SU with Monterrey did not even open the files. So I had to return and run my Mac with the older version of Big Sur. Everything working without problems (as it was before the upgrade).

Nevertheless, it is incorrect that I can’t upgrade because SU cannot fix this.
Very annoying.

Any news on this

How has SketchUp not addressed this!? I crash on average about 20-40 times a day! This is absolutely insane!

From post #2 in this thread:

Frequent crashing is not typically the program. In most cases it is user or equipment error.

Most users rarely have crashes.

Or a plugin that is behaving badly. Plugins can crash SketchUp. Perhaps Trimble could enhance SketchUp to always catch exceptions thrown by an extension (either native C++ code or some bizarre use of the Ruby API) and simply halt whatever extension processing was going on, whenever possible.

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