Crash when exporting .dae .obj .fbx

Everytime i try to export this model as a .dae, .obj or a fbx sketchup just shuts down, anyone knows why?

Here is the file:

When I open it in version 2020 I get a message about a lot of errors “that couldn’t be fixed”.

Not only did it contain problems that couldn’t be fixed, it crashes Sketchup repeatedly when reopened, though sometimes it will stay open.

Turning off Edges and Profiles removes the black mesh resulting from very dense edges, but the file is still unstable and prone just to shut SU, with a BugSplat on restart.

And one of your tags/layers has acquired a chinese character layer name. When I try to change it to an English-character name, SU crashes again.

Can you still open the file yourself? If so, try copying the important parts of your model to another file, and re-import the geometry.

When I try to do that, selecting all but the terrain, SU crashes immediately.

Sorry, but the file seems corrupt.

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Hmm, thats strange, i have no problem re-open the file or working with it. It works just fine but when i try to export it it crashes.

I got no errors at all when opening the file. :thinking:
Im also running version 2020.

I have no problems opening the file, but there are some issues in it that I’m trying to figure out. Both the terrain and at least some of the buildings cause problems. For the terrain, I think it is just too complex. But, making it less complex still leads to a crash when exporting to FBX.

I’ll keep trying things.

I dont got that tag/ layer but i have one that is blank. I did change name on that layer and now the export is working, thanks for the tip!!! :slight_smile: