Crash upon opening

I had installed a new ruby and SU wouldn’t open. I found two Plugins folders and deleted all of my extensions and now it works.

That’s pretty strong evidence that the Ruby you added either has bugs, clashes with some other plugin, or does something incompatible with your hardware.

If you deleted two Plugins folders, you may have deleted some of the Plugins that come with SU, but they’ll get re-created when you restart SU. Or you may have two versions of SU installed.

What was the plugin you added that caused the problem?

Your profile information is quite unhelpful. Please update it, so forum members can help you better, for example by describing how to uninstall just the Ruby you added that caused your problem.

‘cdr’ isn’t an Operating System. And ‘education’ isn’t a Graphics card.

You can’t be using a web version of SU, since none of them support plugins.

If not, is your operating system Windows or OS X (Apple Mac)? And which version of either, and of SU - Make or Pro, and year?

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John, thanks for your interest.

I think that recall last tool was the culprit. That was the last plugin I installed before the problem.

Sorry, I fixed my profile.

Is that the name of the plugin? Where and when did you get it? If old, it may cause issues with later versions of Ruby, though I don’t quite see how.

Thanks. That makes sense now.