Crash on import DWG and debugging plugins

For some reason my SU 2022 install is now crashing on import of DWG files. It used to work, and it’s not a problem for my new (but not fully set up) 2024 on another machine, or for the iPad version. Even the simplest test file with just for lines crashes the program:

After pulling out just about every plugin and extension, it seems to work, so try and find the problem, eh? Between Extension Manager and SketchUcation’s Extension and Plugin managers not to mention the few that don’t use either, is there any sane, rational way of testing and managing plugins?

What a maddening waste of time.

I feel your frustration, Robert, but have not encountered the same problem between SU 2022 and 2024 on Windows, which is curious! Obvious first thought, which version of ACAD is the dwg saved to? I’ve been steadily increasing from 2014 to 2018 to make sure imports work, but haven’t had the courage to go beyond that with bigger files just yet …

Yeah, I tried different versions: 2010 - crash, 2007 - crash, 2004-6 - crash,
Maybe there’s something in the drawing. Draw a simple square - a file with just four edges - crash
The software generating the files (PowerCADD 9) hasn’t changed in a decade or so, so there’s nothing new there. I’ve used this workflow for years.

Open the same DWG file on my iPad - no problem, on 2024 on the new M1 Max - no problem. What the heck went wrong with this installation?

@colin, do the crash logs offer any insight? #416433, #416438, #419754 are a few.

Actually I see that the SketchUcation managers can have saved sets. I’d like to do more with those.

I can’t tell too much from the 19 bugsplats you sent in. If you start a new simple document, export Niraj as DWG, does that import without crashing?

I just logged out of 2022 and into 2023 on the same machine which I never fitted out with any plugins. It imports DWG without a problem, so it’s not the machine/drive/OS that the problem.

One thing to try is divide and conquer:

  • Turn off half of the extensions by changing their file type to .rb!
  • Lanuch SketchUp and see whether the problem occurs
    – If so, turn off half of the remaining ones and try again.
    – If not, turn half of the original ones back on and try again.
  • Repeat this process and you will zero in on the culprit surprisingly quickly.
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That looks like that’s how SketchUcation’s Plugin and Extension managers are doing it? I’ve been playing around with them and now it’s a mess; the program hangs on launch.

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