Crash and crash

Hi every body ! I don’t understand but my file never stop to crash today. This file.

I work with Vray and i want to use Vray … Crash only with the same file.


Are you sending in the Bug Splat report with something that identifies it came from you? If so perhaps @colin will have a chance to look up the report and see what the cause is.

Please correct your profile. You have entered ‘3’ for the operating system which cannot be correct.

You have entered ‘3’ for the operating system which cannot be correct. :thinking:

You think I can to send a message to @colin ?

I pinged him for you in my post and you’ve pinged hi again. He will know.

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You didn’t answer my question. Have you sent in the Bug Splat reports? If not there’ll be nothing for him to look up.

Also, in addition to the bugsplat being sent, you can if you want send us the problematic file here, simply by dragging it in the answer window / using wetransfer or else.
That way, if it’s an actual bug, Colin will see, and if not, we can go take a look and poke at it

:fr: Et donc, en plus de bien envoyer le rapport bugsplat (pas juste à l’écran mais confirmer l’envoi du bugsplat), tu peux nous partager un fichier qui plante (soit en glissant ici dans la réponse, soit via wetransfer etc.)
comme ça, si Colin ne voit pas de bug à proprement parler, on pourra aller fouiller dans le fichier voir s’il y a un soucis dedans.

Sorry. I send it a lot of time. I corrected the system information :wink:
It’s difficult for me to explain something in english … ;(

Hi ! I can send my file. Ok. Thanks a lot

Je vais expliquer ce qu’il s’est passé en français (j’ai cherché un peu partout) et j’ai purgé les éléments inutilisés. Et puis, j’ai supprimé dans VRAY les “matériels” créés pour tenter de remplir ma piscine d’une eau visuellement acceptable. Et j’ai retiré ce que j’avais ajouté avant que mon fichier plante. Voilà. J’ai refait ma piscine, ajouté de l’eau … Merci pour votre attention.

Translating :

She purged everything, deleted in vray the materials she created to try to fill the swimming pool with an ok water.
And she deleted stuff she added before it started crashing. and it’s now ok.

in the end, she redid the swimming pool with some water, and tadam :slight_smile: