Cover Shield

wondeing if somebody could help me design this

the round part in the back meets square opening in front

Do you have the thing in your possession to get dimensions from it? Do you just want some ideas about how to model it?

I would just like some ideas on how to model it… it would really help and would be very much appreciated

This would be the front side, just and idea how to model the front square into the round back side …

Just an idea to start


Or you can work with quads and SUbD

If you need to make an exact model of that object you could make photogrammetry, take a lot of photos from different perspectives of the object, trying that the light is even from every side, then use a software like Meshroom to convert the photos to a 3D mesh, you can import that model from sketchup to scale it and make some fixes or use it as a template to model it on top of it.
If you don’t need it to be precise, I would do model it using quads and subD, it’s my favorite method to model complex shapes.

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Wow…unbelievable how fast you just did and very simple… i can follow along here…thank you so much…ive been tryi g to draw this for a month… Thank you.

Or take out your calipers, take measurements and model to that…