Country Mansion Model required

The job is basically to create a model of my home in three parts.

  1. Each floor plan is to be created
  2. The overall house is the be created
  3. The last phase will be to create a walk through

I have placed the core elements of the project here [] where you will see my first attempt, admittedly it took me around 15 minutes but it was enough to realise I am unlikely to get a new profession as a sketchup consultant any time soon.

I am not looking for an extremely detailed and highly scaled end result but something that people will find of interest enough to want to play with.

Many thanks

Looking forward for collaboration.

It’s not a good idea to post all your personal details and contact information in a public forum.
Spambots and other unsavory characters can use your info.
It’s better to suggest people contact you via the private message system built into the forum.

Thanks, Could you tell me , how cn i contact the person via private message system as I dont see anything thrugh which I can contact personally. It would be great if you may let me know that, like, where in website its possible to sent msg privately?

@chanchalsingh I didn’t mean you to delete your whole post, just remove the contact details from it, phone numbers and email etc.
Then ask them in your post to Private message you through the forum if they want to make contact with you.
You can then give them your details personally.
I wasn’t suggesting your Private Message them directly, that could be viewed as spam, unless they have specifically asked for contact via PM.
When you click on anyone’s user name it pops up the profile card with the Message button on it.