"Could not connect to 3D Warehouse", but my browser can


This error is rare to me, but nevertheless quite frustrating only to rely on my local library for models - well almost.

Sketchup will not Connect to 3D Warehouse, but my browser gets access instantly. So I can download, but very inconcenient and un-lean.

Please advice

(otherwise) great fan of SU

When you say "My browser can’, which browser are you talking about? Are you using something other than Internet Explorer?

Sketchup uses Internet Explorer(win) or Safari(mac) to access the internet. If your IE isn’t up to date or has any security issue SU will fail to connect.
So check that it is up to date and clear its Cache.

Try this first and let us know.

See these Help articles:

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— SketchUp Help

Do you see anything in the 3dwarehouse window, or is it blank? Or is it just that you can’t log in?

What I see is “Could not connect to the Warehouse” - even with Internet Explorer 11 installed on win 10


The online check url is contained in a file called i18n.dat. Line 13 of that file has:


So we don’t hang, we check Google’s “No Country Redirect” url. If you’re running another language, that can change, and you can change this to a url you can easily hit, if this continues to be a problem.

Thanks for great help, I’m back on track:-)

The key came via previous link about the firewall, had to add Sketchup manually in list with accepted programs.

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Nice, thanks for posting your solution.