Corrupted Layout file

Hello. I was working on some large file since some days. The last time i saved it the app crashed. And it seems the autosave was ON but there is no autosave file to see anywhere. I just realised my time machine was off for some reason… :frowning:

So my question : is there ANY way to open that corrupted file ?

Is there a reason to have autosave ON and to not have a restore file in the same folder ?
update : found it, i doesn’t work either


PS. I’m on a mac, i have a recent version of the app, but not the very last one (i think i miss the last update)

My version of SU and Layout is 2017. I just updated to 2018 but it din’t solve the problem.
I tried to zip unzip check refs files and rename to .layout but i don’t know what i’m searching for, it’s a large package with a lof of files. After the zip / unzip / rename (and deleted some files in the ref folder) i can’t open the file)

i’ve tried to delete all the files from the ‘ref’ files but it didn’t help. Is that an indication that thoses files are not the problem ? I don’t know if i’m supposed to update the XML file ‘references.xml’ and how to make it work.

It is very tricky to edit the internals of the LayOut file without causing problems. If you’d like to share the file, I can have someone on the team take a quick look at it.

If auto-save is turned on, then after a crash LayOut should present you with a list of “recovered files” - these files represent the last time the file was auto-saved.

You should also have a “backup” file that is saved next to your regular file - the backup file is created every time you manually save the layout file. If your original file is named anne.layout, the backup file should be named anne~.layout.


yes i found the back file (with a tilde in the filename) but it doesn’t open.
i don’t have recovered files i just have my file but it doesn’t open.

i can share the file but it’s just very large (5gb) with all the SU files in the ref folder.

Thanks for your help.

As it is Dropbox says its around 27h of upload…

How did you managed that?
There aren’t many users (machines) that can handle that, let alone open.

Well i have 23 SU files of 240 Mo in the refs. My SU files have some details true. but i don’t think it’s insane. It’s why i use a recent version of SU and a recent iMac full of RAM. I need those detailes SU files. I don’t use SU just for draft, i do all my work begining to end with SU and Layout. I could redo all the work at the end in AUTOCAD for the details but it would be a lot of work, not talking that i don’t have the knowledge and license. I tought SU was a serious pro soft now, doesn’t it ?

I do architect interior stuff and furnitures models are not low poly i must admit (but i’m not gonna redesign all the furnitures in low poly !). Most of the times it just works and i dont experience crash that much.

But ■■■■ happens.

I think that 5gb is the largest LayOut file I’ve heard of, that’s definitely a challenging file for LayOut to work with. I would recommend reviewing your workflow to avoid creating files that large.

Does LayOut give you a warning message when you open the file?


5 GB file. iMac. How much memory in your computer? I would guess that an opened LayOut file would need much more memory than the 5GB. A LayOut file is a ZIP archive in disguise.

How come they are all the same size?
Is it the same file or template?
Do you ever purge (in SketchUp >Model Info >Statistics or in LayOut> Document Setup> References)
How do you insert the SketchUp files?

Not exactly the same size but roughly cause its different version of the same project.

I import file in the document (i use french version of sketchup its called ‘insérer’ i guess it translate to ‘import’)

No i don’t purge.

i’m not on that computer while i write but i think i have 32 GB of RAM

but i work like that everyday and i don’t have problems with other files. it just happens that this file that worked fine for 3 days stopped working after i hit SAVE. The save process took too long to be normal. at some point i thought it was over and ok but the file don’t open anymore.

Is there anything i can do or i must resolve to redo the work from scratch ? (wich i’m doing right now as i don’t have a lot of time…)

Does LayOut give you a warning message when you open the file?

yes, in french, says ‘can’t open the file’

Why don’t you at least try purging unused stuff from the SKP files?

There is nothing wrong with variation, or presenting different options, but with 23, I think one has reached a ‘turning’ point, beyond that, anything goes?
The selection of variations should be done by the designer, I think.
I also think that the ‘main scene’ is the same for all variations and so you might want to approach this differently, and this even might be done in one SU-file, via scenes and layer management…

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you mean zip / open the layout file
open the 23 SU files and purge them all
then zip & rename to layout ?

but if everything is in one file, the file will be around 1gb i guess
how is it better to have one huge file ?

if you unzip the layout file to a folder, do not zip the created folder, but the contents of the folder…