Finding hidden AutoSave file

I am having real trouble finding an autosave file that I know exists because I briefly saw it.

Here’s what happened. I opened a LO file and then opened a SU file from within it. I noticed that the file name was peculiar because it started with a long list of numbers but, foolishly, I ignored that little oddity. Then SU crashed. I went to retrieve the Autosave file but it wasn’t where I expected it to be. I then checked the file references in the LO file and realised that all the links had somehow become broken. So the SU file I was editing was not one in my regular folder. It is actually in a folder entitled “ref” but no amount of searching using Finder or Spotlight will turn it up.

It would save me a bunch of work if I could retrieve the Autosave file created before I crashed. Anyone have any ideas about how I might do that?

And I’ve found it! It was nestling in a deeply buried location that turned out to have the following path:


I only report this in case it is useful to others who encounter a similar problem. It’s certainly not a path you would guess or stumble upon and for some reason it is opaque to the normal search mechanisms.

I guess one thing all this highlights is that it is very easy for drawing reference links to get broken. If that happens and you are either not aware of it or ignore the warnings, you can get into a whole bunch of trouble. I am not against the idea of separation between SU and LO but this is one of the consequences.

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