Layout not doing auto backup, crash files location?

Running Layout 2017 on a older Mac Pro OS 10.10.5

Just lost some work in a crash, tried to restore with Time Machine, seems like Layout is not backing up because files from yesterday were not current with work done then. Where might I find an auto save file like with Sketchup?
Frustrating. Thanks for any help. Happier new year.

Well, new year, same problem:

  1. I checked and auto backup is not functioning in Layout. Does Trimble Inc. have a direct contact for problems of this sort? Does anyone know what might be the problem?

  2. Does Layout automatically save a file upon crashing (like SketchUp)? If so where would I be able to locate that file?

Thanks for any help.

I lost an entire day’s work this weekend in LO when a kernel panic caused a system crash. When I reopened LO there was no recovery file available. The original file was the same as it was when I first opened it 10 hours earlier, with the ‘last opened’ and ‘last modified’ times the same. (The backup file was from the previous day)

I did a system-wide search for a LO autosave file of the same name and nothing. (Autosave is on in Layout preferences and set to 10 minutes).

Does anybody have any idea what might have happened (so as to prevent a future occurrence) and if there may be a hidden corner somewhere to search?