Layout Backup File Location

I work with my files downloaded from Drop Box. I open a file. Work on the file. Save. Work. save about every hour or so (Whenever I remember to save). I recently had Layout just quit/self-close after 7 hours of work. Layout seems to crash/BugSplat every week (of course, because I’m working on a deadline). Apparently, in my state of mind (lack thereof) I had not “saved” my work during those 7 hours…and Layout just quit! No BudSplat, just closed while I was responding to an email.

So, In my Layout Preferences: both Create Backup and Auto Save are ‘checked’ and is scheduled to “save” every 5 minutes.

My question is…where is the File Saved to? My iMac only shows a ~file in Drop Box from the day before, not a file that had been saved every 5. minutes prior to Layout Crashing/closing on it’s own.

Autosave only saves the temp file if SketchUp or LayOut suddenly quits. It doesn’t create a ‘version history’. The ‘create backup’ option creates a ‘backup’ of the version upon opening a file and updates this with every ‘Save’ action to the second-last version.

The temp files that are created are saved (when a crash occurs)to the ‘Working’ folder in the user library:

~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2021/working/SKETCHUP/RecoveredFiles

For LayOut, it’s almost the same (move up some folders and look for the LayOut files)