Corrupted files "Unexpected File Format"

I’ve been using Sketchup 8 several years ago, and i have over a hundred files, which appear to be corrupted. Whenever I attempt opening one of the files, i get this message

I do have sketchup 8 installed on my pc right now, so it can’t be a version compatibility issue. Also, tbh I’ve had this problem for a while now, I stopped using sketchup 8 about 3 years ago, I was just checking the files for some reason, when i encountered the problem, which was about a year ago to be precise.
I don’t think there’s gonna be a solution, but it’s worth a try. Any feedback appreciated.

This would get reported once in awhile years ago. The solution that seemed to work most often was to send the SKP file to yourself in an e-mail. For whatever reason, the transporter beam would reassemble the atoms in the right order and the file could be opened. It’s worth a shot now, anyway.

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Someone offered me a similar thing to do; upload the file to some file sharing website (not gonna mention the website name, just in case) and download it from there, but it doesn’t seem to be working whatsoever…

Did you try the e-mail thing? If that doesn’t work, you might try installing a newer version of SketchUp to see if it will open those old files. Or you might just have to write them off.

uploading/downloading won’t help because it dos not change the binary data… hopefully.

What Dave meant is the MIME decoding/encoding of email content… which normally sould not affect attached binaries as e.g. SKP files… but you never know.

Exactly. It shouldn’t have an effect but it has helped in the past.

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