Corrupted File from SketchUp 2013 to ChiTuBox

Firstly, many thanks to those who helped me find a solution to securing a downloadable copy of SketchUp 2013. Mission accomplished.

The problem I have now is that my test design, a 3D brick wall with windows and a door, has somehow become corrupted from leaving SketchUp 2013 to being uploaded onto ChiTuBox. In order to create an STL file needed to 3D print, I imported my SketchUp file to the current web based FREE programme, then downloaded it as an STL file. But the file has become corrupted. Yes, there is a 3D print fix, but that’s not a free feature.

I’m really happy using SketchUp 2013, because I know how it works, and is ideal for my little project. Plus it’s free.

Can anyone kindly point me in the right direction?

Incidentally, I was originally able to export my design from SketchUp 2013 as an .obj file, but somehow that feature somehow just disappeared?

Why don’t you use the export .stl extension? With that installed you can export as an .stl directly from SketchUp…
Here is a link to the extension warehouse:
It sais it is compatable with SketchUp 2013.

Are you sure you are choosing export - 3D model… ?

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Firstly, many thanks for the input. Very much appreciated.

Sadly, extensions can only be added through the software itself and not through the website.

Sadly again, SketchUp no longer supports its 2013 version, so I’m unable to access the extension warehouse.

I did try and download the latest version, with its free 30 day trial, but my graphics card isn’t powerful enough, and it refuses to launch. More anon.

You can install that extension in SU2013 after you’ve downloaded it to your computer via your web browser. Preferences>Extensions>Install Extension.


Sorted! Thank you :pray:t2:

Now is there an extension for fixing bugs that works for SU2013?

What bugs?

Trying to paste a few screenshots!

Will try on my PC later!

Extensions don’t fix bugs…
Why don’t you try Sketchup Make 2017?

Make 2017 might not be so different from 2013 as you think…

Make 2017 will not work if you have an old computer with a 32-bit Windows OS. It only has a 64-bit version. Version 2016 was the last with 32-bit support.

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@Anssi , good catch… Didn’t think about that.

I feel such an idiot. I discovered the problem. I created a wall with a brick that wasn’t a solid, in that there was an internal detail that should have been deleted, thus it didn’t act as a solid. All sorted now. I shall now hid in shame.

Again, many thanks for all your help and support! Pxx