Corrupt IFC Export

exports to left skup right the ifc

it is quite a large file i have tried in various viewers but get same result
other models have exported fine
the model is 600mb

If it’s a Revit file you could try the Revit importer if it’s a task that you do it frequently.
Have you checked that all the tags and geometry are visible?

Thankyou The model was from a bently ifc
to the best of my knowledge they are visable
it contained many components, i could not find a way to break down all the components (everyone unique) other than individually
i proceeded to group the components together and tag
i also saved as v19 it converted tags to layers and opened successfully but in both versions if i export again as an ifc the output is as above

Try to import the ifc file in trimble connect. Then exportt it as trimbim.
In SketchUp import the Trimbim file.
You will obtain good geometry…


Just for ref
I have been trying to import the SketchUp ifc back into SketchUp and it fails

Try to share a link of the ifc file and I’ll try to open it. What is your main purpose with the model? Continue drawing? Read the information?