Copying Layers vs Creating New

Sketchup Pro 2018, (or I’ll get on downloading 2020 if it’s a feature there!)

Is there a way to copy a Layer instead of creating a new one?

What I am looking for is copying the attributes associated with a specific layer, so that I don’t have to re-do all my Scenes to hide the newly created layer.

Let’s say I have a Layer “Walls”, and Walls is not visible in many scenes. Further along the line as the design unfolds, I create a new layer called “Siding”, and I also do not want Siding visible in those same scenes.

If I simply create a new Layer, I will have to go through many scenes, turn Siding off, and Update Scene repeatedly.

Any thoughts?

There’s an extension called Auto Invisible Layer that is made just for this purpose. When turned on it will let you create new layers (Now tags in 2020) that are not visible in existing scenes. It’s available in the Extension Warehouse.



It works!

Good deal. That was easy.