Copying groups for changes keeping the original/existing

I’m designing alterations to a structure (a conservatory) and want to have various layers of existing arrangement and layers of proposed. Having drawn the existing I want to copy, for example the windows group (which has various groups within the group. Nested?) and make alterations to the design so when using layout I can show the existing and proposed. I’ve tried copying the main group and moving layers and also paste in place and moving layers all without success! Can anyone help please?

It’s not clear exactly what you tried and what happened. Could you elucidate?


It would also be helpful if possible if you could post your model.

You need a set of each relevant group for each layer.
So in this little example I made a house and gave it two layers, created one basic window frame, copy paste in place and using Entity info placed the new group on the Layer named Current. I then altered the original and used entity info to place it on the layer named Proposed.
So by turning the two layers on and off I can see current and proposed separately.
Remember only put wrapped geometry on a layer other than layer0 and always keep Layer0 as the active layer.

Thanks Box…
Do you mean by wrapped geometry a component or group?
I had previously tried what you are suggesting. I will rationalise the amount of groups within groups and try again.

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