Copy scenes to new Sketchup file

Hi guys,

I tried looking for an answer, but couldn’t find any. I simply want to copy scenes from file A to file B. However, I can’t just ‘save as’ file A, since it’s set in inches, and I want the file in milimeters. Unfortunately I found out too late it was created in inches, having already worked in it. And since you can’t change the file from inches to milimeters (unless I’m missing something), I created a new file. And I need the exact same camera views, because I worked with them outside of Sketchup, and I want to create new ones with different volume massing.
Anyone knows a good solution, like extensions (not paid ones)?

How about going to Window/Model Info/Units and changing them to mm.

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You don’t seem to understand what units do in SketchUp. They control how inputs you type are interpreted by default and how values are displayed. But they don’t affect the actual size of anything. If you switch from inches to mm as @Box wrote, 1inch will then display as 25.4mm. It’s like measuring the same object with two rulers.

I don’t see what creating a new file does for you. If you rescale the model, the cameras won’t be any good in any case. How big is the model? Did you do a lot of work before realizing it was not showing mm?

Thanks guys, I did what @Box mentioned before and initially didn’t work, but just looked again and found out it works when changing from ‘Architectural’ to ‘Decimal’ (it was greyed out on Architectural). I need millimeters because my brain is programmed that way, including measuring and defining sizes. So I guess it’s solved :smiley:

Architectural units are feet and inches only which is why it’s greyed out.

For future projects select an appropriate template or create your own template with Units set as you wish.

Yeah, I’ve never understood that, the units setting are ridiculously parochial.

I wonder what architects using millimeters call the units they are working in. Maybe “Architectural” should be changed to “Feet-and-Inches”.

And Engineering!?

I expect that one could go away entirely since you can get the same thing with Decimal.

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So you only need two, metric and imperial. Then different settings for how you want them displayed.
Using the terms Architectural and Engineering and having it in feet and thous and not metric is very non universal.

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My guess would be that, going along with the internal units always being inches, the design started with attempts to suggest which Americans might use the variations for those units: plain fractions (anyone), feet and inches (architects), decimal inches (engineers). When metric was added, it exposed the parochial thinking of those names but they were kept for backward compatibility.


If you want to copy scenes from file A to file B and file B has already some geometries in it, try this:

1 - Open file A.

2 - Save a copy as File C. File C now contains all the scenes from file A as well as all the geometries of file A.

3 - While file C is still open, make sure that all the geometry in it is visible.

4 - Select All.

5 - Delete. You then have a file C that contains only the scenes, materials and components of file A. Delete these also if you don’t need them.

6 - Save file C.

7 - Open file B.

8 - Select the geometries that you want.

9 - Copy it.

10 - Open file C.

11 - Paste the copied geometries. You now have the model of file B and the scenes of file A.

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