Copy Pasting on a Surface without cutting the surface


Since yesterday i started using trial version of Sketchup because i needed it for a quick job. (i love it)

But now i was building a house, and i made my windows, i wanted to copy paste them on an angled rooftop.
So i copied/pasted them on the other sides of the roof

Now the problem is thus. This house is meaned to be 3D printed for a showcase. But it has to be ‘watertight’. Now when i checked the inside of the house it seems the pasted windows didn’t carve into the roofing.

Pasted window from the inside:

So i tried to make lines on the roof by the guided lines from the window, but they don’t apply onto the rooftop.

Anyone any suggestions?

Thanks in advance


The simple answer is the window isn’t sitting flush to the face.
But from your image it is very hard to see what you are trying to do. More information is needed to give you a proper answer.

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It will probably need a bit more tidying than just this, but…

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If you can upload your model I’m sure someone here can give you detailed advice.

Hi Guys,

It seemd the one roof where i made my first windows was angled slightly different then the roof i pasted the windows on. So i needed to build a new window for that precise angle. It is fixed now.

Thanks for the quick responses! and sorry for waisting your times.


Glad you got it fixed! Just an FYI: your picture looks like the faces are reversed on the dormers. Reversed faces can cause problems for some kinds of exports and 3D printing.

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Too slow on my phone.
The darker colors of your dormer would appear to be reversed faces and could cause problems when it comes to 3d printing. Select those faces and reverse them. Or try selecting one white face and right click, Orient faces. All outer faces should be white.

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Okay, did not know that. Thanks for the tips! Glad i started using Sketchup.

Kind regards