Copies of Multiple Selected Components with Glue To Face settings do not Cut Opening

I am working on a basic conceptual hotel design (and I could swear I have done this before in earlier versions - this may just be a bug), but I am trying to copy multiple selected instances of a components (in this case windows) from one floor to another. This component has the Glue To setting of Vertical faces and when I copy one component at a time along the blue axis, sketchup has no problem instancing the component onto the “next floors” face and cutting the opening.

I am not clear on why it doesn’t work with multiple selections. I am an experienced sketchup user and I have worked with the program for years, but I have as of late been trying to clean up my modeling techniques and be an efficient user at the same time.

In the past, if I wanted to array a series of windows up a few floors, I would just copy the components along with physical cuts in each face by creating rectangles around the component (the window) and then deleting the middle. That technique works fine, however its not efficient and creates a bigger model with more geometry that’s harder to render.

I have also used intersect with… in various cases in the past, but again, it has a tendency to create additional geometry that isn’t necessary and often I have to go back through and delete the extra lines.

Basically, my question is: Is it possible in Sketchup Pro 2015 to copy multiple components and have it cut openings with each set of instances? If its not a feature, I believe it would be a very useful addition to the base program. I could also be doing something wrong, but I have tried a dozen things and since doing one at a time achieves the desired results, I am inclined to think its a limitation or a bug? I have uploaded an example model available at the link below, I am able to reproduce with a very simple cube and one translucent component with as little as two selected instances. I am running Windows 7 x64 with Sketchup Pro 2015 x64.

Link: ExampleModel.skp

Works as expected for me. With the same Win7 64 2015.

Can you do me a favor and try selecting both boxes at the bottom of the example model, on both sides and try instancing them upwards on the blue axis and see if it cuts a hole for you?

What you did in your reply works for me, so at least I know I must be doing something wrong in the other model I am working with. In fact, here is another example model where I have arbitrarily subdivided the long face of the white box and then tried instancing this translucent component to another face and it doesn’t cut a hole. I guess it must be that you can only copy multiple selected instances of a component with Glue To settings on the same face, even if the other faces are oriented exactly the same.

Here is the second example model, much like the first: ExampleModel2

Pardon my ignorance if this is widely known, but I appreciate your responses.

Yeah I can confirm it doesn’t work around corners or on the split face so it’s not just you or your system.
I can’t tell you why as it’s not something I do very often.


You can copy multiple components glued to a single face to the same or another face or even multiple coplanar faces, but the copies won’t glue if the originals are on more faces than one.

I guess that it is a feature, but perhaps it could also be described as a bug…



Anssi that is correct, thank you for clarifying. It seems to be a limitation, I’ll just have to keep it in mind.

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