COPIES - How to reference them?


Im at the end of a project and I absolutely need some way to reference copies generated by a dynamic component. I need to somehow access information that is stored into each copied dynamic component.

It can be any ways you can think of; Inside the dynamic component, Ruby, macro, script, reports… the only thing important is that it has to be simple. Meaning, it can be complicated for me to setup, but whoever is using it have to be simple for them and use as little manipulation as possible. In the best case scenario, it would happen directly into the dynamic component but I doubt that’s possible.

I made a little example file. In that file, as you stretch the dynamic component it creates more copies, each copy generates a random number. What Im trying to do is get the sum of those numbers any ways possible.

Thanks for the help.

Example_Ref_Copies.skp (212.1 KB)

The only way I can figure out how to do it is with generate report. Select all the cubes, scale. Select all the cubes and run the Generate Report. Gives you a total of the random numbers.
Example_Ref_Copies2.skp (106.0 KB)

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Yes thats what I noticed too, thanks for the help!