Why do dynamic component get copied


Im a bit new to dynamic components, worked a bit on them many years. I got a dynamic components from the 3dwarehouse which is a dynamic riser for stages.

I transformed it from inch to cm cause i use metric system

There are some presets which can be applied for the size, but when i hit apply the components gets copied. When i need a lot of that components in a scene i get tons of copies.

Is this normal?



the “current” formula most likely used to calculate the number of risers returns inches, so converting to cms would need a 2.54 multiply factor, this is most likely the reason. However to be sure can you either place the warehouse address or upload the model (7th icon on the message composer)



Sorry man, i normally do upload scene or images. This makes live much easier for people who are willing to helpDynamicRiser.skp (326.6 KB)

I overlooked that small icon :zipper_mouth_face:



Now I understand, the change makes the item unique, this is normal for dynamic components, So it makes sense to have unique items for each different size, however its confusing when one gets a different #number for a size already created,
A work-around,
wrap the component with a component , (to create the wrapper, make a copy of the stage riser, select both, make them a component, enter inside and delete the copy) Now you use and copy that then any change to one will effect all as per normal component, if need a different set then make that selection unique before the change
You can group similar sets to make easier to identify and move
Then use outliner to quickly change into and out of editing

component wrapper example.skp (531.8 KB)

there is another method that involves a rebuild of the dynamic component such that in can be simplified to a normal component, then you can copy this around, if editing is then required the component is then swapped with the dynamic and changes made. I will look into this creation over the weekend.



Thanks for looking into it!

I dont know enough about these items to know such info. I did copy one component then did the size change and renamed. Sort of the same workflow right?

I was thinking dynamic components where just a bit “more dynamic”. Its just the outer shell which is copied ofcourse but i would presume SU could handle this.

PS is it common that SU slows down a bit having like 30 of these items in a scene?



there can some lag due to extra processing, so double component wrapping and using groups is advantageous

with the above example, say copy the main group say 25 times, orbit and move around… now explode the whole selection twice, to destroy the group and the wrapper… so we have 375 copies of the original component, then you will notice the lag as each component (“file”) location and properties is recalculated

It has also be noted in other posts how inefficient the inbuilt copies formula is,
So in it current form a DC is poor use of resources, even with wrapping and grouping,

Even the file size can be an issue. Some have created DCs that are over 1Mb, that hold hidden geometry…

So a method of simplification, to one level components that contain the relevant data is proposed, that can be reinstated if further editing is also required. A manual routine of explosion/outershell of the sub-components can accomplish this. It is possible to create a script to do this, delete hidden parts, outershell. explode,. moreover it can be made to change the DC options to read only.

I don’t know the extent of your use, whether you like to pursue this further, but as I promised before,
I have attached an amended version of your component within the file uploaded below, so if first open this and right click this DC and use saveas to your component folders. Now modify the DC via the options to a different size, Now viewing this in outliner, the first sub is called outershellme, right click this, menu select outershell, right click the highlighted remain “outershell” and explode. exit back into the model. You now have a DC fixed to a set size, you can copy this to build the stage, if you require to edit then right click menu swap with the previous saved one
or drag it in from the folder, or locate through the component broswer.
After purging the file the file size is greatly reduced,( In the home tab of the browser, before the purge you may have noticed the leg components, generally I would have these parts made from groups to avoid having to purge the junk)

test stage.skp (343.1 KB)

let us know (or any one-else) if you are interested in such a workflow



Thanks for your thoughts!

So if i understand it well. You explode to the point it doesnt calculate and then use that as a component you copy. Then when i need a new size, i make a copy of the original component, set size and explode again.

Is this correct? I cant open this file, im still on su16

Though the component is nice when its still dynamic, the lagg is a bit of a workflow killer.



sorry forgot to save_as su16

test stage.skp (342.1 KB)

When you need a new size you can either drop a new instance from the component folder where the original resides, or select an instance in the home tab (this has updated to the changes you made) or copy or choose one in your drawing then via the right click menu Dynamic Components \ swap component you exchange the component for the fully functional one.

you can set a key short cut for this, provided a component is selected,via windows\preferences\shortcuts…V

Why I believe one should consider this DCs concept as the best approach:

  1. it can reduce file size
  2. makes drawing more responsive
  3. it protects your DC design as the file you build and share is in its simplified form
  4. using outershell on manifold parts assures a 3D printable outcome
  5. reducing the DCs to one or two levels of nesting results in clearer / cleaner data for the report writer

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