Cookbook request regards machine to machine move…

I am about to attempt to move from old current machine to new current machine and was wondering if anyone had a step-by-step recipe? I’m reasonably sure I’ll make the transition, but it is always nice to have a checklist and advice for such journeys as this!

As far as SketchUp goes, download and install a fresh copy of SU2017 and then install fresh copies of the extensions you use. Make sure you install SU correctly by right clicking on the installer file and choosing Run as administrator.

Make sure the graphics card drivers are up to date.If you’re buying a commercially available computer, it’s unlikely that the drivers are up to date.

If you created your own local collections of materials, components and styles, You could copy those files to a memory stick and move them to your new machine.

If you want to have toolbars in the same locations in SU2017, make a screen shot of your older installation and import that into the new version. This will give you a guide as you are placing toolbars.

Thanks, DaveR! Already installed and environment debugged. New video driver was key to working a the new machine. All of that is ready and waiting. Can I copy entire directory trees or just files? I’ve got as I remember a fair amount of custom material including plug-in dev and such like. I want to be sure that I get it all. Of course using same should quickly show any missing pieces…

You can copy directories of trees and materials if you wish. Do not copy any plugins or extensions. Make sure you are downloading them fresh.

The plug-in referred to was one I developed for the drawings I’m working
on. It is at least as necessary as the drawings!

if it’s your own can tweak it if needed…

many people try to drag all their favourites from one version to the next without thought of consequence…


Hello, John! I much prefer thinking before doing—especially if it saves me ‘re-doing’!!

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