Swapped SSD to new laptop

I am on a classic license running SU2020 and recently found a brand new nearly unused identical model laptop to the one Ive been running for many years that had no HD or OS. I grabbed it for cheap and just pulled my ssd out of the old and stuck in the new but now SU of course is saying new machine and have to remove my license and set a new one. If I remove the license and input my info for this machine are they going to hoodoo me into the new subscription or should I be good? I have avoided the subscription to this point and am perfectly happy with the versions I am running currently. Thanks for any input.

The right thing to have done, and maybe it’s not too late, was to remove the SketchUp license from the old machine before you swapped the SSD over to the new one. Then add your old Classic license on the new machine. As long as the OS will allow SU2020 to run you should be fine. I would expect at some point in the future web-based resources like Add Location, 3D Warehouse and Extension Warehouse will not be supported for SU2020 as has happened with previous versions but that may not matter to you and it could be some time in the future that it occurs if it does. Probably best to at least know that it could happen so it doesn’t catch you off guard.

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Thanks Dave,
I can stick the SSD back in the old laptop and try that. I’d rather not risk losing access to what I have if I remove the license from this new machine and my luck getting questions answered from them directly is usually slow or slim to none. Im aware of them choking off access to the warehouse as Ive already gotten those emails. I knew it would just be a matter of time before they would start choking off access to force out the classic license users. I understand fully features will not be functional with older version as future versions come out but choking off access to the warehouse and extensions that will absolutely work fine with older versions is just a way to choke them into submission an force the subscription model but that can of worms has been beat to death. Iny my work I have most every extension I need and virtually never rely on the 3d warehouse but it is what it is.

I hate to have to swap the SSD back but that sounds like the safest option.

You shouldn’t lose access as long as you still have the license information to enter.

That’s not the main reason for discontinuing those services.

Sounds like you’re good then.

It shouldn’t be a problem. I guess if you find you have to do this again some day in the future remember to remove the license from the computer before you remove the drive.

I would also suggest that you go to Download All | SketchUp today and download the 2020 installer in case you need it in the future. I would anticipate that with their Current Minus Two policy the 2020 installer will get removed fairly soon.

Just for clarity, the license is tied to the unique id of the computer, which is not on the SSD. So simply swapping the SSD into a different computer will not work.

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I meant swapping it back to the old computer to remove the license, then put the ssd back into the new computer and re-enter my license info.

You shouldn’t have any problem doing that. As Steve explained, the license is tied to the computer and not the drive. That’s why you need to remove it from the old computer before you remove SketchUp from it. The same would apply if you were just going to uninstall SketchUp from a computer and install it on another computer.