Transferring SU Pro 2018


I recently purchased a new laptop and have been trying to transfer / download SU Pro 2018 to the new laptop, unsuccessfully. I even took it to a PC repair shop and they were able to put SU Pro 2018 on the new laptop but none of the plug ins, extensions, or material folders I created were transferred over . Plus upon opening a new file I get a brown screen not the white screen with the guides.

I am not a "techie’ hence paying for someone to help but we were not able to achieve the above,

Would you please advise what I need to do ?



Did you save any settings from the old installation?

If you didn’t, can you manually set it up again - choose template, etc.?

Link to Basic SketchUp instructions.



Does the laptop meet the minimum requirements?

Especially, the part with the 3D class video card.
The brown screen suspects there is only an internal graphic card.

Before migrating all extensions and libraries, decide if you still want that laptop or go for an upgrade.



Suzanne, the question asked by @MikeWayzovski is an important one and you should deal with that first. No point starting with a new computer that has an inadequate GPU. Determine what graphics card/adaptor is included with the computer and make sure it meets, or better, exceeds the requirements.

The color you are seeing might be just due to the selected template.

As the files you are asking about, install extensions and plugins fresh from their sources. The two major sources for extensions and plugins are the Extension Warehouse and Sketchucation. If you used the Extension Warehouse tool in SketchUp to install extensions on your previous computer, you can install those same extensions automatically after signing into the EW in SketchUp on your new machine. If you had installed the Sketchucation Plugin Store extension and used it to install extensions and plugins from Sketchucation, it also has the same ability to automatically install fresh copies of your bundle of extensions.

As for custom materials, you’ll need to find the folder(s) on the old computer and copy them to the new one.

If you are giving up on the old computer, make sure you remove your SketchUp license before uninstalling the program. Otherwise you’ll leave your license tied up on the old machine.

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Windows: Graphics Card Make/Model & Driver Version: “Win+R > Run: dxdiag > Display”



I dont know what any of this means but here goes. I was assured when I bought the new laptop it was fast, lots of storage, etc.

HP - Spectre Folio Leather 2-in-1 13.3" Touch-Screen Laptop - Intel Core i7 - 8GB Memory - 256GB Solid State Drive - Cognac Brown



Fast and lots of storage maybe but…

Intel® UHD Graphics 615

On-processor graphics with shared video memory provide everyday image quality for Internet use, basic photo editing and casual gaming.

This isn’t a good GPU for 3D modeling.



Thank you for the info. What do I need to tell the sales rep when I go return / purchase a new laptop in order to run SU?



I would suggest that you tell them you need a computer with an Nvidia GTX 10xx graphics card to support the 3D graphics requirements of SketchUp. There are also GTX 20xx GPUs now but I expect the 10xx cards should get you a computer in the same price ball park.