Converting sketchup models to exact scale 2D/3D dxf files and printing to scale via pdf files

When I convert sketchup models on the web platform to dxf files the scale is incorrect. I have the same problem when printing to pdf (to scale). I’m only using web for the past month now. When I originally purchased the package I tested this requirement (because it’s the reason I bought the package) and it worked perfectly.
I used the 2020 and 2021 trial versions and so I understand about setting your scene to parallel projection and the standard views and like I said the web version worked initially. But now I cannot understand what has happened to distort the programs ability to give me scale 1:1 dxf conversions or scaled pdf printouts.
I contacted the iRender agent who put me onto this forum where I discovered that this problem is pervasive for new users to Sketchup for the Web. Help! Not cool
I would have bought the 2021 version if I knew this problem would pop up and I’m hoping it can be resolved urgently. Also how come there is no actual technical support and I have to rely on the kindness and tech. knowledge of random strangers.? Is this the future trend? Laughable Ha Ha ha ha…

I see in another thread you’ve asked dezmo for help so I’ll bow out.

No please don’t bow out.
I only found his thread dating back to 2021. So I asked if he’s still on
the community forum.
I will appreciate any help…
Its vital I get these scaled dimensions correct because I send the dxf
files to sheet manufacturing suppliers. They use the data from the CAD
files to give me quotes and eventually to setup their machinery for
I use the pdf printout to match the curves and angles when I’m comparing
my sketchup design with a raw template provided by my customers.

Please bow back in


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I just created a model in SketchUp Go based on this drawing from McMaster-Carr.

In SketchUp Go it looks like this.

The .dxf exported from SketchUp Go and imported into SketchUp Pro. Dimensions added after the import match.

Here’s the .dxf file I got from SketchUp Go. Do you get the same dimensions?
Gasket DXF Test.dxf (319.7 KB)

Share your .skp and .dxf files so we can see what you are working with.

Frankly, based on your last post, I think you would do better to use SketchUp Pro so you also have LayOut available for the PDF exports.

You should edit your post to remove the image with all your contact info.

Thank you Dave

see the link:

Also see earlier dxf version I converted using 2020/1 [trial version]

The problem is I was advised by the iRender agent that for my intents
and purposes I can do these conversions on “GO”.

Like I said I tested and it worked once I bought the package, but now I
don’t know why it isn’t doing correct scaled conversions any longer.

Obviously I can’t just buy expensive programs left and right.

Let me know what you come up with. Appreciated


product display shape focal pegboard.dxf (2.71 MB)

product display shape focal pegboard.pdf (244 KB)

The link you provided only allows me to view your model but I can’t do anything with it. Download it to your computer and share the file.

I downloaded your .dxf and imported it into SketchUp Pro. It measures the same as it shows in your viewer image.

Opened in DoubleCAD I get the same thing.

I don’t have any way to print and test your PDF without sending it out to a printing service. I obviously can’t be doing that.

Also, we cant use earlier version of your dxf to figure out what you did wrong or right … you have to share the export of your current version, please attach .skp, dxf, pdf of your current file you are working on.

To get a “to scale” export from any version of SketchUp the essential thing is to

  • when exporting a 2D drawing, select one of the standard views and set your camera to Parallel Projection
  • or export the 3D Model

Thank you Dave

Unfortunately I’m not using Sketchup Pro. I have Sketchup for the Web
Im attaching 2 sketchup models I’m needing to convert quite urgently.
[Maybe] I wouldn’t mind if you could do the conversion for me and [post]
send me the converted dxf files.
I’m going to have to troubleshoot this experience and hope I find a
solution to the hiccups I’m experiencing with Sketchup GO
I’ll also attach jpegs of the dimms expected

Regards Jerome

F-Bracket for Bent Plate.skp (39.5 KB)

Bracket Standard Drilled.skp (40.3 KB)

Thank you everyone for your input on this simple but frustrating challenge.
I seemed to have resolved the problem the following method:
When I’ve completed the drawing,even on an edit, I neglected to save the project before exporting.
What I was doing was refreshing the scene without saving.
So now once I’ve set parallel projection and a standard camera view, I refresh the scene and then I save the project.
Generally, the program asks me “Do you want to purge the model?”, to which I reply “Yes, Purge all”.
Thereafter whether I export 2D pdf or CAD files, the scale once set to 1:1 will give me an accurate scaled model.

Everyone’s help is appreciated JeromeB