Converting from 2018 to 2017

I have a SketchUp18 Pro file that I need to open with my SketchUp17 Make.

Is there any way to convert the file that I havent tried?

  • I have used my Pro trial period, so I cannot open and resave as 17.
  • The file size is 97mb (yes it is big), so it cannot be uploaded to the 3D Warehouse (50 mb max).
  • I have managed to upload the model to SketchUp Free but it crashes as soon as I do any complicated action as saving or trying to download (probably due to file size) I have tried to delete most parts of the model to reduce the file size but Free still shuts down during save.

Is there a magical fourth way to convert the file <3

You’d need to find someone who has SU2018 Pro and is willing to convert the file for you.

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