Convert Sketchup to Layout with usable lines and surfaces

I am new to Sketchup and interested in Layout. I have a Sketchup Model that I created in the online version and imported into the Desktop version and sent to Layout, but when I view it in Layout, it just looks like a picture and is very pixelated, and I cannot modify any of the components, lines or surfaces. The cursor turns into the “move” cursor if I click on any parts of the imported part.
Is there a way to import a Sketchup into Layout and be able to modify it? Sketchup advertises that the Layout automatically updates the model n Sketchup, but maybe this only works one way Layout to Sketchup and not Sketchup to Layout.
Also, is there no level of support that includes being able to chat or talk with someone at Sketchup?
Any help is appreciated.

Sketchup is for modeling and Layout for making 2D presentations of those models. Once a Sketchup reference file is liked to Layout if you make changes to the model in Sketchup they will be updated in your Layout file. Layout is not the place to make changes to the geometry.

There is no chat function for support. The Forum is probably the closest thing to that, and the fastest.

There is a phone number you can call with license and technical issues that should be listed in your purchase email from Trimble.

There is phone and email support if you go on to buy a subscription for SketchUp Pro, but even then the support is to get you up and running, and is not for advising you on techniques when using SketchUp. The forum covers that, and as you can see it is a fast way to ask questions, and you will sometimes get answers directly from the best person at SketchUp to give an answer to your question.

You need not have involved SketchUp in your test. The downloaded SKP can be included in LayOut by choosing File/Insert. Doing that should at least rule out SketchUp as being part of the reason the picture isn’t clear. You can right-click on the inserted model and Open In SketchUp, if you want to make changes.

If you don’t mind us seeing the files, could you put the LayOut file online somewhere for us to download?

Sounds like you could gain a lot of understanding about using SketchUp and LayOut if you took some time and went through the tutorials at

Thanks for all your help. I have completed some of the SketchUp training modules (very helpful!!! and like DaveR recommend highly going through the training modules), but none on LayOut. I am going to take a little time to go through the LayOut basics and give it another go.

If you go to Sketchup YouTube, filter what you see, there is a series on Layout.