Convert line to cylinder tool?



Can anyone help?
Watching YouTube videos it seems that under the tools menu, there is an option to “Convert arcs, circles, arcs, lines to cylinder”. I do not seem to have that and I cannot find an extension for it!
I would really appreciate a quick response on this as I am on a deadline.
Thank you guys.


Might be the “follow me” tool. If you have seen something like the image below, then is the “follow me” tool

Just select the line, choose the follow me option (on tools) and click the face.
That will do it.

If it isn’t, then should be a plugin.


That tool menu item is specific to Lines2Tubes


Hi Fredy.
Thank you for the advice. Yes I tried the follow me tool but the design was too complex so needed another option.

Hi Box,
Thank you as well. Yes, I was trying to find that Plug in in the extension warhorse but it was not coming up using the search engine. Eventually found it on the Sketchucation website. Now installed and all is good. Only drawback is that it creates lines where a straight line goes into a curve. Cannot get rid of it even with the ‘soften/smooth edges’ tool at max!
However, it was a very helpful plug in.

Thank you both.


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