Follow me tool - Tubular railings

Any body know how to use the follow me tool to turn multiple straight lines into tube

First make sure the path has no forks. It should be one continuous run of edges. Do you want the rail to drop down where it does in your screen shot?

Follow Me will only follow a single path at a time. It won’t follow all of the edges you’ve drawn in one go. For something like you show I think you’d be better off to use Push/Pull to create cylinders for the verticals and the horizontals and use Move/Copy to build the rail.

Cheers DaveR answers the question, does look like Sketchup as the capability, I want to turn every line into cylinders.

Looks like i will have to build this the manual way


You could do the two end verticals and the top rail with Follow Me but the rest is more easily done other ways. If you had a lot of this to do, the Profile Builder 2 extension would make quick work of it.

Perhaps this Extension:
Eneroth Pipe | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

I can think of 3 other extensions that could do what you want, Lines to Tubes, Pipe along Path and Lines to Components.

But then again the manual method is pretty quick.

thanks that’s a good idea