Is there a convert line to cylinder tool?

I am building a suspension bridge, and it would be super helpful to be able to take the many many lines (cables), which are at many angles and locations, and quickly convert them to cables.

Thanks for any help.

TIG’s Pipe Along Path.

can’t get it to run in 16

Along with DaveR’s suggestion, you can also try D. Bur’s “Lines to Tubes” script.

I dont think it was built as a SketchUp extension so you will have to install it the old .rb way.

Why won’t it run for you in 16? It does work in SU2016.

I guess my first frustration (because I’m on a deadline and tired of course) is that I don’t have “window> extension manager” in my pro 16 version. I only have extensionwarehouse. I’m missing some rookie thing, but I’ve been using sketchup for 15 years

You have Window menu>Preferences>Extensions instead, and an Install Extension button on that dialog…


15 years?

Windows/Extension manager has only been introduced in the latest version SU2017 in the last week.
Window/Preferences/Extensions and then the button Install Extension has been the norm for a few years.

So we are a bit lost as to what you are having issues with and what your setup is, as your profile is somewhat confusing.


finally found Lines to Tubes in the tools directory buried.

Thanks everyone for the help -

Sorry if I’m multiple posting here.

I rarely install extensions - I should use more often, so the process is more fluid.
Pipe along path never installed, but lines to tubes works great.

I should also update my profile, and figure out what the deal is with the info there. Running Pro 16

Thanks all