Convert 64-bit files on a 32-bit tablet?

I use Sketchup 2017 Pro on my big laptop, save it to a cloud location (Dropbox) then tuck my tablet under my arm and go to see the client. When I start up my tablet and try to open the file I saved, it won’t load up because I forgot to save it to Sketchup 2016 (i.e. 32-bit compatible) and can’t use 2017 on my tablet because it’s 32-bit and 2017’s only 64-bit!
I know I should make sure I save my file to a 2016 version so I can read it on my tablet, but sometimes I forget - I’m getting old, over 35 years using CAD now and Sketchup about the best and easiest I’ve ever used, and it’s the first time I have been frustrated by it.
Is there a 32-bit programme which will convert the 64-bit 2017 file to a 32-bit 2016 ‘tablet’ version outside of Sketchup for the next time I forget?
(BTW, I’m not buying a new tablet.)

It’s not the bit-mess of the file, it’s the version it is marked as. I think Jim Foltz was working on a standalone file version converter.

No because the SketchUp 17 Software Dev Kit provides only 64-bit libraries and we can’t as far as I know compile a 32-bit executable using the 64-bit binary libraries.

You can however write a Ruby Plugin for SketchUp 17 which could back-save a model whenever it is saved normally.

Thanks chaps. The back-save to 2016 sounds like a good idea as a workaround. Can someone point me at a ‘How-to-do-Ruby-stuff’ site?

I’ve had the core functionality written but won’t have a chance to upload until this afternoon.

In the meantime you can see if this script gets you by:

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