Changing Default Save File

Hi all!
I am trying to change the default save file I create with SketchUp. I have SketchUp 2016, but all of the colleagues are using 2016. So every time I click Ctrl+S, I save it as a 2017 file, which they can’t open :frowning:

I can save as a 2016 file by clicking Save As everytime, but its a bit of a pain when all you want to do it use the shortcut! Anyone know if there is a way to make my file always save as a 2016?


There’s a plugin called Save As which helps, but I wish there were a setting in SU itself to enable you to set it as default. It has been made as a Feature Request, but it seems unlikely to be implemented.

Window > Preferences > Shortcuts

type to filter: ‘save’

pick File/Save As…

add shortcut of your choice.

one step closer? :slight_smile:

That’s a bit better! Thanks :slight_smile:

This script just populates a File > JF Save as… menu item with previous versions.

You can use it to set a shortcut to save a model at some previous version - The model must be saved once using SketchUp’s normal save method. Otherwise, an error message occurs.

jf_save_as_menus.rb (1.4 KB)


Brilliant, Jim. Works a treat on Mac.

This script is not signed. Can you do that?

It’s wise to consider the source before downloading/installing a plugin.
Given @jim_foltz’s long tenure in this community, I’d say any concern over signature is ill-founded.