Context-click (right-click) on a sphere's material doesn't shows the option "Texture"


here’s my model, do you have any ideas about this problem that I mentioned above? When I right-click on this sphere’s surface, option “texture” isn’t there.

You only get the ‘texture’ option when you select only one face.

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Because the sphere is composed of several smaller surfaces. Select only one of them.

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And is there a way to apply texture on this sphere “as a whole” thing and not face by face? I already tried using texture as “projected” and with Fredo Tools Extension too. In both cases, there is a kind of contraction in the texture, but I would like to get this that the pattern goes on the sphere without any breaking or pulling. As if I were going to take a simple picture and folding it to a sphere form.

Sorry for my bad english and many tiny questions, I’m using Sketchup a few months ago and I really love it but don’t have any help whom I can ask when I get stuck with a new problem. I have already done a SketchUp course and read a lot on the subject but there are many things that do not have the answer in online courses. So thank you in advance for help!

UV map
sfera-uv.skp (589.0 KB)


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The solution was SketchUV, and using “box map” method on the sphere. I’m so glad now that I finally got it! :slight_smile:
Thank you once more for your time!